"No Stone" Jenny Gillespie
UC Berkeley Big Give 2015
"A E I O U" Jim James
UC Berkeley Big Give 2014
"Wine In A Teacup" Anna Hillburg
SF Parks Alliance PSA
"Pyramids" Dreamdate
"Life is Excellent" Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits
"Shape Rap" Alphabet Rockers
"The Making of the Verona Project" Cal Shakes
"Stomp" Stone Foxes (3D version)
"Stomp" Stones Foxes (2D version)
"As Always" Peter Tucker
"Garbage Star" Hank IV
"Butterfly" Kassaundra Make-A-Wish
"Freak Out" Tapes 'N Tapes for Blip.fm
"Other Side of the GOMP" WFMU
"Garden" Sean Hayes
"Come On Let's Go" Bart Davenport
High Brow ad
"When We Fall In" Sean Hayes
"Fairytale" Wegent & Page
"Piñatador" Alex Koll
"Further West" Sam Flax and the Higher Color
"Who Wants To Die?" Scott Crossman
"Cotto" Stone Foxes
"Miss Her When I'm Gone" Sean Hayes
Spencey Dude and the Doodles practice space visit
"Snug Life" Chris Garcia
"Melody Walks (live)" Dreamdate